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ai based sequencing

The first sequencing technologies started in 1977. The first decoded human genome was decoded in February 2001. It took 10 years to decode the 3.1 GB quaternary coded genome. From that point on the evolution of sequencing machines increases massively the decoding speed. Today it´s possible to decode the complete human genome in just 24 hours. 


At this time there existing different data standards – for example the ACMG standard. But all standards and databases have the same disadvantages: It´s a “open source” database without processual added values for the industry. This slow down the willingness of sharing information. Because of economic interests each research and development company isn´t interested in sharing data for precision public health development. The consequences are isolated products.


With our inhouse technologies of ai based sequencing and the health-meta-data principle, our health panel delivers a new dimension for research and development. You are interested to get access? Use the following form.

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