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We believe that everyone deserves to benefit from the latest advances in public health, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location. That's why we are working to make our solutions affordable and accessible to communities around the world. Our core asset is the public:health Panel, a health community composed of individuals providing data to improve precision public health.

We are making precision public health accessible to everyone.


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public:health Panel

precision public health

The primary objective of the public:health Panel is to establish a research and development framework catering to both public and private sector entities with a primary focus on general and personalized prevention and treatment. This framework encompasses a comprehensive infrastructure designed to gather data from human subjects across four distinct categories: self-reported health-related information, physical measurements, biological samples (e.g., for genome sequencing), sensor data, and archival records. Panel participants are drawn from various recruitment sources, including opt-in agreements inherited from previous medical studies, non-probabilistic sources (e.g., river sampling), and probabilistic sources. The public:health Panel operates its dedicated digital infrastructure and supports the establishment and management of research panels under a white-label arrangement for other institutions.


Health Meta Data Principle

Researchers all over the world are dependent on precise health data, which is highly confidential. However, the personal interests of patients, insurers, and regulators are not harmonized, leading to dependencies between these groups.

Our health-meta-data-principle (HMDP) protects these interests without sacrificing the potential of an interoperable world.


AI-based sequencing

AI-based genome sequencing research and development

The speed of genome sequencing has increased rapidly in recent years. Each human genome is approximately 3.1 GB in size, with a quaternary code. We believe that we must return to the beginning of evolution, using the technologies of today, to improve life through new technologies.

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